• Tire maintenance course is offered free of charge through FAASafety.gov
  • Course open to pilots, aircraft maintenance technicians or others coming in contact with aircraft tires

GREENVILLE, S.C., July 27, 2021 – Michelin Aircraft Tires and the Federal Aviation Administration Safety Program (FAASTeam) have partnered to offer aviation personnel including engineers, pilots and aircraft maintenance technicians (AMTs) a free online tire maintenance course, The Impact of Tire Maintenance on Aircraft Safety

“We have invested in aircraft tire training because we know it will have a positive impact on aircraft operations and safety,” said Jim Boyle, customer support engineering manager, Michelin Aircraft Tire. “More than 30,000 people took the previous version of this training, and we worked hard to update it to include more interactive features and videos. If you are a pilot, work in aircraft maintenance or come into contact with aircraft tires in any way, this is an important training to take.”

Aircraft safety is a top priority, but there is one component that is sometimes overlooked: aircraft tires. Aircraft tires operate at extreme conditions for load and speed. They are well engineered and tested, and when operated properly, are highly dependable. This course focuses on the important influence of tire maintenance on aircraft safety. It reviews common causes for tire related events, consequences of tire under and over-inflation, recommended inflation service schedules and wear condition damages caused by Foreign Object Debris (FOD).  

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