GREENVILLE, S.C., Feb. 27, 2018 — Kleber is introducing a new agricultural radial tire for the North American market. The Kleber Cropker answers the farmer’s narrow tire needs for equipment of small and medium capacity, self-propelled sprayers, towed equipment and tractors.  For use with crops that require narrow tires (between 9- and 12-inch section widths), including beets, strawberries, cane, grapes and other small crops — this tire is designed to provide  the benefits of optimized traction, a self-cleaning tread pattern, robust construction and improved plant protection.

“Kleber has been responsible for many agricultural tire ’firsts‘, such as the first agricultural tire in 1948, the first tubeless tire in 1951 and the first radial agricultural tire in 1970,” said David Graden, agriculture operational marketing manager for Kleber brand, a division of Michelin Group. “Farmers dedicated to narrow-row crop application will experience excellent performance from this narrow tire while they protect their crops or vineyards.”

With ever-changing market demands, the Kleber Cropker is designed with a 40 mph D-speed index and an exceptionally high load capacity. In a free-rolling application, this tire can carry greater loads compared to its predecessor — the Kleber Super 3. The Cropker is designed with a robust casing, a new massive shoulder configuration, and a maximum-width tread for an optimized contact patch and long service life.

Kleber Cropker has a new lug pattern that helps promotes better steering and reduces “spoon effect,” which improves soil protection. The lug shape is designed to retain little soil while operating in the field and to allow minimal tire slippage in soft and damp soil. In addition, the self-cleaning properties of the new generation tread-pattern architecture help keep the tire mud-free when field conditions are difficult. The Cropker can drive between rows without causing plant damage, which ultimately can contribute to higher yields and profitability.

Farmers are always looking for maximum load capacity. To satisfy this customer need, the Cropker is available in a wide range of sizes to support a range of loads:

  • 230/95 R32, 230/95 R36, 230/95 R40, 230/95 R44, 230/95 R48
  • 270/95 R32, 270/95 R36, 270/95 R38, 270/95 R42, 270/95 R44, 270/95 R46, 270/95 R54
  • 300/95 R42, 300/95 R46, and 300/95 R52.

The Cropker is replacing the Kleber Super 3, with the exception of the 210/95 R32 and 210/95 R40 sizes, which will continue in the Super 3 portfolio.

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Supporting farmers since 1948, the KLEBER brand was acquired by MICHELIN in 1981. Dedicated to the agricultural market, KLEBER manufactures radial tires for tractors and sprayers, as well as agricultural inner tubes. Kleber products are sold worldwide. Urvic, the Kleber brand mascot, is a boxer, a breed that exemplifies the quality of Kleber tires: reliable, strong and efficient. Kleber: Peace of mind, every time.

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